General Counsel of the Year
This award recognises nominee’s demonstration of an exceptional level of performance at work over the last 12 months, distinguishing them from other lawyers in a similar role. Extensive experience providing legal services and managing legal resources, preferably with the support of senior management. Ability to develop knowledge of legal matters or law not previously practised - or recognised thought leadership in a specific area of the law.

Legal Innovation Award
This award recognises an individual or team who, as an in-house counsel or in-house legal team, introduced and championed significant innovation. Exhibited excellence in the generation of ideas and the creation of concepts for innovative initiatives involving thought leadership, legal operations, technology, substantive law, or ways of working.

Rising Star Award
This award honours an individual in-house lawyer/general counsel who has excelled beyond the expectations of their role during their transition in their legal career. With technical ability and a smooth transition into a legal role, as well as adding value to the business and/or team above and beyond what is expected of a new lawyer.

In-House Legal Team of the Year
Awarded to the in-house legal team that demonstrates the highest level of excellence in terms of effectiveness, integration with senior management, management of legal and commercial objectives, and people development. Capability to balance legal obligations and the employer's strategic goals

Innovation in IP Award
This award recognizes businesses for their IP creations and commercialization, which have contributed to the harnessing of intellectual capital and the development of an IP eco-system that fosters creativity and innovation.

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