Evolving a roadmap for the corporate legal counsel to help unravel the challenges and uncertainties of their ever-evolving roles and maintain the morale and ethical conscience of the business


India's judicial system has historically relied on manual processes to carry out all operational functions. Even after the country's first digital revolution and the advent of cutting-edge technologies such as AI, ML, Data Science, and IoT, most of the sector's operations were carried out manually. However, digitization has been a top objective in the legal business for some years. The pandemic's rippling effect prompted the legal business to expedite technology adoption, since practically the entire worldwide workforce was subjected to a mass remote working experiment almost overnight.

Lawyers that are technologically adept are in great demand as technology continues to improve and progress. And, as the Indian judicial system becomes more familiar with cutting-edge technologies, budding attorneys must do the same. Law companies have already begun to say goodbye to tedious duties by automating them and employing technologies such as CRM to gather analytical data and cross-reference it as needed.

3rd Annual Corporate Legal Counsel Summit & Awards 2023 will focus on addressing the ever-changing challenges of in-house legal counsels such as Legal Tech, Data Privacy, ESG, managing legal and reputational risk, and learning how to adequately fit the requirements of our modern age while adding and demonstrating value to meet changing expectations and respond to mounting demands and emerging responsibilities.



  • Exploring dispute resolution tactics - Arbitration vs. Conciliation vs. Mediation
  • Developing a comprehensive legal risk management framework for business operations
  • Combating counterfeiting activities and strengthening brand protection
  • Becoming In-house counsel: Scope, key skill sets and career path
  • In-house counsels driving ESG practices to build better investor relations


  • Insights on Globalization & its changes in the regulatory framework
  • Exploring the trends that could transform legal technology
  • Deep dive sessions on next gen technologies
  • Keen understanding of legal risk management framework
  • Understanding of complexities and benefits of an effective M&A legal strategy
  • Opportunity to meet and connect with various Corporate legal professionals
  • Benefits of promoting ESG practices for better investor relations


  • General Counsel
  • Legal Counsel
  • In-house Counsel
  • Head of Legal & Compliance
  • Company Secretary
  • Head of Regulatory & Government Affairs


  • Get familiar with new regulatory and compliance changes
  • Discuss the advantages and disadvantages of recent Industry changes
  • Gain insights about maintaining relations with investors
  • Stay up to date with latest innovations in legal framework
  • Know about how technology is changing legal arena
  • Explore different tactics corporate professional's use
  • Strategies to prevent data breaches in the organization
  • Crafting a Career Path as an In-House Counsel

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