Evolving a roadmap for the corporate legal counsel to help unravel the challenges and uncertainties of their ever-evolving roles and maintain the morale and ethical conscience of the business


India is transforming in terms of amelioration in the legal and regulatory space. This has brought about new opportunities certainly leading to the opening of new business opportunities in many sectors and industries. With the growing opportunities the role of legal counsel in the Indian corporate sector has witnessed a drastic change in the last twenty years. As corporate legal counsels are being vested with a weighty tome of responsibilities, they have the opportunity of becoming indispensable and in the current climate.

In the current economic and volatile business environment laws and regulatory compliances becoming more complex, companies face various risks and challenges and the scope of responsibilities for a legal counsel has expanded beyond legal administrative tasks to include risk management, regulatory compliance, cost control, and other major areas that impact the success of an organization. The view of in-house legal departments, from the perspective of the rest of the corporation and top management, has evolved over the past several decades from risk spotter to strategic partner. The key to deal with the ever-growing responsibilities and new challenges for modern corporate legal counsel is being aware of the risks, being responsive to such risks on a timely basis, and being agile.

In the light of this, Corporate Legal Counsel Summit 2018 will focus on addressing the ever-evolving challenges of in-house legal counsels like change management, innovation and modern technology, managing legal and reputational risk and learn how to adequately fit the requirements of our modern age and remain one step ahead of progress while adding and demonstrating value to meet changing expectations and respond to mounting demands and emerging responsibilities experienced.


  • Compliance Management - A new response to legal and business challenges
  • The evolving role of general counsel: From legal advisor to strategic advisor
  • Planning & executing an effective merger & acquisition
  • Innovating to deliver maximum value for minimum spend - How and why is it important to energies and optimize an in-house strategy
  • Understanding litigation procedures and strategies
  • Exploring the evolving relationship between the general counsel and the board
  • Major areas of risk for a corporate legal counsel - Measuring & monitoring
  • Cyber security, data privacy and digital transformation
  • Helping the company navigate the complex international compliance requirements
  • Fraud investigations and litigation support for general counsel: What evidence stands scrutiny in a court of law?


  • Understand the challenges & opportunities for corporate legal counsel in a today's business environment and legal risk associated with it.
  • Map out the latest emerging strategies to deal with the ever-evolving responsibilities and increased complexity and volume of regulations
  • Gain in-depth guidance on complex international compliance requirements
  • Discuss the latest technology and innovation and how it is transforming the legal landscape
  • Learn the importance of maintaining the balance between business and legal compliance
  • Connect with the industry experts and learn about their experiences


Functional Heads of:
  • General Counsel
  • Legal Counsel
  • In-house Counsel
  • Head of Legal & Compliance
  • Company Secretary
  • Head of Regulatory & Government Affairs